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Teacher Learning – Teacher Competencies – Teacher Performance IRN

IRN Start Date: December 1, 2012


Teachers play a central role in the preparation of future generations of K-12 students, and teacher competencies are among the most important characteristics that influence student achievement worldwide (Hattie, 2009). Examining them is therefore an important measure to ensure students’ individual growth and school quality. Assessing teacher competencies is still a neglected research field. The progress made in empirical research on student achievement since the 1990's has revealed that only few comparable efforts exist with respect to teachers (Hascher & Neuweg, 2012). The research deficit can be traced back to the complexity of teacher competencies (Neuweg, 2011; Klieme, 2012).


The purpose of this IRN is to promote collaborative cross-country research on teacher competencies (for example, see Blömeke et al., 2012, 2013): how they develop during initial teacher education and professional development and what effects they have on classroom performance. A report, in which the state of research on this issue is synthesized will be produced, with an anticipated publication date of the WERA Meeting in 2014. The report will have a methodological focus, where benefits and limitations of promising assessment approaches will be presented and discussed. The report will also have a substantive focus in which empirical results on teacher competencies are summarized. Importantly, this IRN will advance education research, by stimulating collaborative research work in promising research directions of worldwide significance. Such directions, for example, include standardized assessment approaches that aim to come as close as possible to situated cognitions and action of teachers.




Prof. Dr. Sigrid Blömeke

Full Professor of Instructional Research

Humboldt University of Berlin/ Department of Education

Unter den Linden 6, D – 10099 Berlin


List of Participants



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