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The Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education IRN
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IRN Start Date: December 1, 2012


Globalisation and the competitive market forces have generated a massive growth in the knowledge industries that are having profound differential effects on educational institutions and nations in general. One of the effects of globalisation is that educational organisations, having modelled its goals and strategies on the entrepreneurial business model, are compelled to embrace the corporate ethos of the efficiency, accountability and profit-driven managerialism. Hence, the politics of higher education reforms reflect this emerging neo-liberal paradigm of standards-driven policy change (Zajda, 2010a).

This IRN examines the impact of globalisation on higher education. It focuses on globalisation of higher education curricula, together with the accompanying global standards of excellence, globalisation of academic assessment (OECD, PISA), global academic achievement syndrome (OECD, World Bank), and global academic elitism and league tables—the positioning of distinction, privilege, excellence and exclusivity. It reviews the complex nexus between globalisation, ideology, and education reforms.



Joseph Zajda

Associate Professor, School of Education, Melbourne Campus (St Patrick's),

Australian Catholic University

115 Victoria Parade, and Fitzroy VIC 3065 Australia


List of Participants



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