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Education Policies and the Restructuring of the Educational Profession
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IRN Start Date: May 1, 2015

This IRN will contribute to the advance of research in this area of study by producing a major report on the quality of knowledge in the area of study and stimulating research into promising new directions. The initial list of participants in this IRN include members from different countries, promoting worldwide collaboration among researchers, professors, senior and junior scholars, and graduate/undergraduate students.

The IRN “Education policies and the restructuring of the educational profession facing the challenges of globalisation” is made up from different existing groups of educational scholars from Europe and Latin America.



Dalila Andrade Oliveira (Co-Convener)

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil


Romuald Normand (Co-Convener)

Univrsity of Strasbourg, France


List of Participants

  1. Dalila Andrade Oliveira

  2. Adriana Duarte

  3. Alfredo Macedo Gomes

  4. Álvaro Moreira Hypolito

  5. Carmen Gabriel

  6. Elizeu Clementino de Souza

  7. Jarbas Santos Vieira

  8. Laura Cristina Vieira Pizzi

  9. Liliana Ferreira

  10. Lívia Fraga Vieira

  11. Luiz Dourado

  12. Savana Diniz

  13. Fernanda Saforcada

  14. Jorge Gorostiaga

  15. Monica Pini

  16. Myriam Feldfeber

  17. Nora Gluz

  18. Pablo Gentili

  19. Jenny Assaél

  20. Jesús Redondo

  21. Leonora Reyes-Jedlicki

  22. Rodrigo Cornejo

  23. Vicente Sisto

  24. Javier Campos-Martinez

  25. Romuald Normand

  26. Jean Louis Derouet

  27. Yoann Adler

  28. Carmen Rodriguez Martínez

  29. J. Gimeno Sacristán

  30. Antoni Verger Panells

  31. Luis Miguel Carvalho

  32. Estela Costa

  33. Mariana Dias

  34. Sofia Viseu

  35. Roger Dale

  36. Susan Robertson

  37. Natalia de Santana Revi

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